Staff training is one of the key requirements of the AML/CFT legislation. A reporting entity must provide adequate training to its senior managers, AML/CFT Compliance Officer, and any other employee that is engaged in AML/CFT related duties.

Strategi has a team of highly qualified and experienced AML/CFT specialists who offer a range of practical training solutions that can be tailored to meet your business needs and help your business meet its AML/CFT obligations.

We offer a range of training solutions to meet your needs, including:

Bespoke training: This training solution is tailored specifically to your business. One of our highly qualified AML/CFT specialists will work closely with you to design a training package based on your business needs. The training is facilitated by our AML/CFT specialists either face-to-face or virtually through Zoom workshops.

Short courses: We run regular AML/CFT training sessions via Zoom webinars and face to face classrooms. These are facilitated by one of our highly qualified AML/CFT specialists and provides a convenient and cost-effective method of interactive training for individuals or your entire team. 

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Radar: Radar is Strategi Group's online learning platform, containing a substantial 'library' of AML/CFT articles and training suitable for continuing professional development (CPD). This allows you to undertake training at your own pace and convenience.

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